gaz regan
The Path of the Bartender: I Need Your Help   June 23, 2009

As a bartender you know nobody can teach you how to handle difficult situations with guests, simply because every time you're forced to confront someone, the dynamics are different.More>>

Gates Patents a Cooler Cooler   June 20, 2009

A tiny but interesting bit of news popped out of Seattle recently: a patent application bearing a number of names -- the notable one being William H. Gates III; yup, Bill Gates – was filed for an “integrally sealed container.”More>>

Donna Hood Crecca
Farewell to a Legend   June 9, 2009

The restaurant industry lost a true legend Tuesday when Norman Brinker passed away at the age of 78. More>>

Donna Hood Crecca
New & Improved   June 5, 2009

P.F. Chang's is bucking the current downward trend by simply working every day to be a better operator. The results? While traffic is soft, operating margins and profits are up.More>>

gaz regan
The Path of the Bartender   April 1, 2009

I'm turning the column over to a real old-timer this week: Harry Johnson. All the quotes below come from him. The guy knew what he was talking about.More>>

Donna Hood Crecca
The Dubious Wisdom of Chains Restructuring Beverage   April 1, 2009

In the last several months, two major chains have placed beverage under the auspices of marketing: Applebee’s and Brinker International. There are pros and cons to this tactic.More>>

Donna Hood Crecca
Your House is On Fire!   March 17, 2009

Yes, it is. Not the four-alarm blaze type of fire, but a burn of a more insidious type: a slow one that smolders, gradually gaining in intensity until suddenly it’s too late to salvage anything.More>>

Donna Hood Crecca
Welcome!   March 7, 2009

Welcome to the new! Like any nightclub, bar or restaurant operator, we at Nightclub & Bar know that to keep patrons coming back, we’ve got to make sure our venue is fresh.More>>

gaz regan
The Path of the Bartender   March 2, 2009

If we, as bartenders, put some of ideas into practice, we can have a worldwide experiment to see whether they lead to us putting more money into our tip cups, right? More>>

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