Jenny Adams
NCB In the House   September 28, 2009

The Manhattan Experience this fall was brought to guests by Woodford Reserve bourbon and Esquire Magazine – two entities that truly understand a posh, post-sunset cocktail hour in the Big Apple.More>>

gaz regan
The Path of the Bartender: What have you done for someone else lately?   September 8, 2009

Our worldwide bartending community continues to grow at a spectacular rate, and we've come to share in a fabulous brotherhood that bonds us together.More>>

gaz regan
Path of the Bartender: Back in My Day   August 12, 2009

Doncha just hate it when some old fart starts a conversation with, “Back in my day…?” Get ready to hate me, then, cos I've been hearing rumblings about something that would never have happened Back in My Day.More>>

Jenny Adams
Mixologist on our Radar   August 12, 2009

Gabriel Orta is fast becoming known in bar industry. His work in molecular mixology can be seen in action and on the menu at The Florida Room, located in the Delano hotel in Miami’s South Beach area.More>>

Donna Hood Crecca
Recession Ending – But Recovery Rocky   August 4, 2009

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s announcement Friday that the U.S. economy is shifting from recession to recovery was welcome news.More>>

gaz regan
Path of the Bartender: You Should Shut Up   August 2, 2009

Did you notice how much that sentence annoyed you? Try this one: You should be nicer to people. Or you should get a new job. Those statements really piss people off, even when they offer good advice.More>>

Donna Hood Crecca
Fight the Ignition Interlock Mandate   July 31, 2009

For those who thought it couldn’t happen, well, it looks like it’s closer to becoming reality. Ignition interlock as punishment for all drunk driving offenders could be here shortly. More>>

Donna Hood Crecca
Trends in Cocktail Culture by Donna Hood Crecca   July 21, 2009

Tales of the Cocktail drew crowds to the Crescent City yet again for five days of exploring all things cocktail. The event was exhilarating and exhausting, and highlighted some emerging trends in the business.More>>

gaz regan
The Path of the Bartender: I Need Your Help   June 23, 2009

As a bartender you know nobody can teach you how to handle difficult situations with guests, simply because every time you're forced to confront someone, the dynamics are different.More>>

Gates Patents a Cooler Cooler   June 20, 2009

A tiny but interesting bit of news popped out of Seattle recently: a patent application bearing a number of names -- the notable one being William H. Gates III; yup, Bill Gates – was filed for an “integrally sealed container.”More>>

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