Emily Hanna Mayock
Back to Basics at Tales of the Cocktail   July 22, 2010

The craft of bartending has decreased exponentially, with bartenders more focused on being mixologists and developing their own bitters, tonics and tinctures rather than catering to the guest.More>>

Emily Hanna Mayock
Politics Help Nightlife in Seattle   July 21, 2010

Does getting involved in local politics matter to you as a nightclub operator? Well maybe it should.More>>

Donna Hood Crecca
Federal Funding for Interlocks — Bad Idea   July 14, 2010

Does $60 million in federal funding for research into in-vehicle ignition interlock devices sound like a good idea to you?More>>

Emily Hanna Mayock
Getting in the Door   June 24, 2010

Just how selective are some of the hottest clubs in NYC? In the last week or so, two reports came out detailing the adventures — and misadventures — of people vying for a spot beyond the velvet rope.More>>

gaz regan
The Path of the Bartender: How Very Dare You?   June 15, 2010

As bartenders, if we can do our best not to get upset, we'll be doing ourselves, our bosses, and our customers, a huge favor. More>>

Emily Hanna Mayock
Not All Vodkas Are Created Equal   June 9, 2010

Is the colorless, tasteless spirit really tasteless? According to a recent study, well…yes and no. More>>

Jenny Adams
NCB In the House: Manhattan Cocktail Classic   May 27, 2010

The Manhattan Cocktail Classic is over. Part of me wants to shout for joy (my liver and my feet mainly), but there was a bit of bittersweet quotient as the last out-of-towners rolled up their bartending kits.More>>

Donna Hood Crecca
Culinary Cocktails – How Hot Are They?   May 26, 2010

While kitchen-inspired libations may be the darling of high-end bar chefs and television mixologists, the typical bar-goer is not quite so enamored.More>>

Donna Hood Crecca
Manhattan Cocktail Classic Gala Raises the Bar   May 17, 2010

Nearly 3,000 barflies gathered for a night of drink-fueled revelry on Friday as the Manhattan Cocktail Classic kicked off with its much anticipated Gala.More>>

Emily Hanna Mayock
Shooting Vodka   May 14, 2010

Yesterday, some of the NCB Staff took a jaunt about 25 minutes south of our offices in downtown Cleveland for a photo shoot for our June cover at Creekside Restaurant & Bar in Brecksville, Ohio.More>>

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