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Anatomy of a Rescue

Bar rescue tips, from the expert, Jon Taffer.

Bar Rescue Article
Life's Not Always a Marley's   September 15, 2013

Warwick, RI is home to 83,000 people, a beautiful Atlantic shore line and the failing Marley’s on the Beach. Can Taffer step in and keep this beachfront bar from sinking?More>>

Bar Resce Article
The Hammer Gets Ale'd   September 8, 2013

In 2010, Chris Sarrett and Mitch Watson, two classically trained chefs and best friends, decided to go into business together and opened The Hammer. More>>

Bar Rescue Jon Taffer Article
Taffer Takes On A Bar Full of Bull   August 25, 2013

In 2005, Jessica DeMelo earned a business degree and put it to practice by opening a bar. To help Jessica get started, her father Barry gave her his retirement and bought the building for $285,000. Jessica made her brother David a business partner to work at the bar in his spare time. In honor of...More>>

22 Klicks Bar & Grill News
Will Cliques Have to Wave their White Flag?   August 18, 2013

Cliques is a failing military bar just 13 miles away from the Army's largest military base in the country, Fort Bragg. Taffer takes over so Cliques does not have to wave their white flag.More>>

Bar Rescue Moon Runners Article
Characters Quarters Puts Stock in a New Race   August 11, 2013

In 2010 after relocating to North Carolina, Long Island born Guy Wavra left the real-estate business and opened a character themed bar with financial help from his mom Helen and stepdad Charlie Alexander. Guy’s sister Alex was hired as a server to complete the family affair. More>>

SBLV Article
BRANDON! Make Me a Drink and THEN Call Bar Rescue!   August 4, 2013

The owner of Gipsy Nightclub in Las Vegas has found himself in $2 million of debt because of his irresponsible management style and heavy drinking. Can Taffer turn this one around?More>>

Bar Rescue Barlow Article
Can Barlow’s Comeback?   July 28, 2013

Two year after purchasing Barlow’s Bar & Grill with her husband, Susan Wood found herself divorced and without a partner. Susan admits that since they purchased the bar they have never see a “heyday” where the bar was profitable. More>>

Handlebar and Grill Article
The Handlebar Cafe Gets Grilled   July 21, 2013

The Handlebar Café in Pawcatuck, CT has set themselves up for failure and they have found themselves in a $25,000 deficit with only 3 months left before going bankrupt.More>>

Duel Ultra Nightclub Article
All In With Duel Ultra Nightclub   July 14, 2013

In 2009 after establishing a successful landscaping business entrepreneur Brandon Klintworth poured $210 thousand into Cashmere, a martini nightclub. As the hot new club on the block Cashmere became an instant hit and was doing upwards of $60 thousand a month and then all the competition came...More>>

Laugh Factory Article
Stand Up Scottsdale Becomes Laugh Factory    April 14, 2013

Season 3 Episode 10: After cruising the LA comedy circuit and a painful divorce Howard Hughes moved back to Scottsdale where he teamed up with investment banker Nathan Learner and opened Stand Up Scottsdale in 2012.More>>

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