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Anatomy of a Rescue

Bar rescue tips, from the expert, Jon Taffer.

Bar Rescue Article
Toucans is Anything but a Day at the Beach   February 22, 2015

Bar Rescue heads to the coast, where Jon Taffer quickly realizes that rescuing Toucans Oceanside Bar & Grill is going to be anything but “a day at the beach.” A rodent infestation is just one of many obstacles Taffer will overcome to help this struggling South Florida bar.More>>

Underground Wonderbar Article
It is Clear The Underground Wonderbar Needs Change   February 15, 2015

The Underground Wonderbar is missing the mark when it comes to demographics. Can Jon Taffer take this stubborn owner to welcome change?More>>

Bar Rescue Article
Second Base is in Need of a Pinch Hitter   February 8, 2015

Terry is an owner of multiple successful bars, however, that does not include Second Base, a sports bar that was already rescued once before in 2012. Can Taffer turn around this owner the second time around?More>>

Packy's Pub becomes Campbell's Irish Pub on Bar Rescue Article
It's Time to Pack Up and Return to Ireland   December 14, 2014

Patrick "Packy" Campbell, owner of Packy’s Pub, has 14 years’ experience in the bar business but somehow he left is staff to run his bar on their own and is now failing. Could Taffer light a fire in Patrick and get him back on the straight and narrow? More>>

Taffer Turns Around Y-Not 3 Article
Can Taffer Turn Around this Bar? Y-Not?   December 7, 2014

Y-Not is a bar brand in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that was built through a legacy of bar owners. Can Taffer turn around Y-Not 3 and help the owner pay back his family members?More>>

Bar Rescue Training Article
The Dirty Rooster is Drowning in Lake Marie   November 23, 2014

Bar Rescue: Together Rob and Steve took the plunge on a shoe string budget to open the Dirty Rooster. Here find out all of the sciences used to turn around this once failing bar. More>>

Taffer turns Plush into Osteria Calabria Article
Can Taffer Make Plush a Hollywood Hit?   November 16, 2014

Can Taffer turn around this owner's attitude and get movie goers from the Keswick Theater to stop in for drinks before and after showtime?More>>

Bar Rescue Lickety Split Episode on Spike TV Article
Allegedly Slickety Spilt has the Best Pizza in Philly   November 9, 2014

Located in the heart of South St., one of the largest tourist destinations in the US, Lickety Split is struggling to stay afloat. More>>

Jack's Ale House Needs a Family Meeting and STAT Article
Jack's Ale House Needs a Family Meeting and STAT   November 2, 2014

<p>Jack&#39;s Ale House is a failing bar in New York that is run by three fighting brothers. Can Taffer get this family back together and create some positive reactions from customers?</p> More>>

Laguna Lounge Bar Rescue Episode Article
Family Friction Ruins Laguna Lounge    October 26, 2014

In 2008, lifelong DJ Ivan Arroyo decided it was time to bring his Puerto Rican heritage and DJ rep to the Jersey City nightlife and opened Laguna Lounge in Jersey City, NJ.More>>

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