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Episode Recap

Synopsis of current episode and previews of the TV Show Bar Rescue.

Bar Rescue Laguna Lounge Episode Recap Article
Taffer Turns Around Laguna Lounge   October 26, 2014

Ivan ran Laguna Lounge with his two sons Josh and Jeremiah attempting to make it a hot spot for Latin music. However, Ivan focused all of his attention on being a DJ; but while he spun bar sales dropped.More>>

Taffer Turns Around Rhythm & Brews Article
Taffer Ups the Tempo at Rhythm & Brews   October 19, 2014

This Staten Island bar has a complete disconnect to it's market. Can Taffer get the bikers out of Rhythm & Blues and get the classy clientele in?More>>

Taffer Turns Around Undisputed Sports Bar & Grill Article
Taffer Turns Around Undisputed Sports Bar & Grill   October 12, 2014

Can Taffer take Undisputed Sports Bar & Grill, a run down bar with a history of violence, and turn it into a cocktail bar worthy of respectable customers? More>>

Jon Taffer Turns around Artful Dodger on Spike TV's Bar Rescue Article
Taffer Turns Around Artful Dodger   October 5, 2014

Jon Taffer brings in Phil Wills and Jessie Barns to help turn around Mike Conforti's Artful Dodger nightclub in Huntington, NY on the latest episode of Spike TV's hit show Bar Rescue. More>>

Bar Rescue The End Zone Article
Taffer Turns Around The End Zone   May 11, 2014

Despite their long term friendship, The End Zone owners don’t see eye to eye on running the business. If Justin and Sean can’t iron out their differences they stand to lose everything. More>>

Marys Outpost Article
Taffer is Thirsty to Lay Into the Owner of Mary's Outpost   May 4, 2014

The owner of Mary's Outpost is disrespectful to all women and his manager wife is no exception. Will Taffer change this owners' outlook on females in order to save this business?More>>

Oasis Hookah Bar Article
Oasis Hookah Bar Goes Up in Smoke   April 27, 2014

Oasis is a devastatingly filthy hookah bar in Omaha, Nebraska with absolutely no hookah market. What will Taffer come up with in order to turn around this failing business?More>>

blank Article
When Life Doesn't Give You Lemons, What Does a Bar Do?   April 20, 2014

Pat's Cocktails is owned by an absentee owner and run by a neglecting manager. Can Taffer come in to save this business and help the attentive bartenders make money to provide for their families?More>>

Bryant's Ice House News
Taffer Melts Bryant's Ice House    April 13, 2014

Taffer takes Bryant's Ice House a trashy biker bar with argumentative employees and transforms it into The Wildcatter Saloon, a money-making, comfortable environment.More>>

The Tailgate News
Taffer Exchanges The Tailgate In for a More Youthful Bar   April 6, 2014

The Tailgate is an unnoticeable bar in Saugus, CA with three colleges surrounding it. Can Taffer get a younger crowd into this bar to make it a hip place for college kids to hang out?More>>

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