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Episode Recap

Synopsis of current episode and previews of the TV Show Bar Rescue.

Bar Rescue: LA Brew CO Article
Taffer Turns Around the Los Angeles Brewing Company   March 23, 2015

When Richard first invested in the Los Angeles Brewing Company it was making $2 Million dollars a year. However, unfortunately, there was a legal dispute and Richard convinced his family to lend him $250 thousand dollars for a buyout.More>>

Bar Rescue Friar Tucks Article
Can Taffer Turn Around Friar Tucks?   March 15, 2015

Friar Tucks had been one of Pomona’s most successful bars since the 80’s and Ivan’s first few years were busy and profitable earning $60,000 a month but is now losing $4,000 a month.More>>

Bar Rescue: Taffer Turns Around Sandbar Sports Grill in Miami Florida Article
Taffer Turns Around Sandbar Sports Grill    March 8, 2015

Shortly after Albert Borrero purchased this Miami U hot spot in 2007, he was swimming in cash. After the local government changed legislation however, he lost his clientele and his profits.More>>

Heat Restaurant & Lounge Article
Heat Restaurant & Lounge Needs to Ele-vate Their Standards   March 1, 2015

Can Taffer take this tacky strip club in Downtown Florida and elevate their standards to make this bar female friendly?More>>

Bar Rescue Article
Taffer Turns Around Toucans Oceanside Bar & Grill   February 22, 2015

In 2004 best friends and New Jersey natives, Jamie and John teamed up with the goal to open a bar 40 minutes north of Miami in sunny Hollywood, Florida. After all the hard work, owning the bar started to become fun and money was flowing. Then Jamie was hit by a storm he couldn’t weather.More>>

Bar Rescue Article
The UnderGround Wonderbar has Lost Its Wonder   February 15, 2015

Can Jon Taffer take the most stubborn owner he's ever had and turn her music venue with a bar into a bar with live music?More>>

Second Base Article
Second Base (Almost) Gets Rescued for a Second Time   February 8, 2015

Extreme Sports Bar & Grill was rescued and transformed into Second Base in 2012. After the bar fell apart again, will Taffer be able to rescue it a second time?More>>

Packy's Pub becomes Campbell's Irish Pub on Bar Rescue Article
Taffer Turns Around Packy's Pub   December 14, 2014

In 1986, Patrick “Packy” Campbell, immigrated to the states from Ireland and got involved in the bar business in order to live the American dream. Wanting to test his luck, Packy opened his own bar and when Packy’s Pub first opened it was busy all the.More>>

Taffer Turns Around Y-Not 3 Article
Taffer Transforms Y-Not 3   December 7, 2014

Taffer takes on an outdated bar with a careless owner, can he whip them both into shape or will Y-Not 3 be the last of a dying breed?More>>

Bar Rescue Episode Recap - Dirty Rooster/Lake Marie Lodge Article
Taffer Turns Around the Dirty Rooster   November 23, 2014

In 2013, best friends Rob and Steve embarked on a mission – owning and operating a successful bar in Antioch, Illinois. Once their feet were wet, all three men were ready to set sail and named the bar the Dirty Rooster.More>>

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