Bar Rescue

Bar Rescue is Nightclub and Bar's TV program about revamping slow businesses in the bar industry.

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August 14: Swanky Bubbles to Sheer   August 12, 2011

Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue rescued Swanky Bubbles in Philadelphia by reaching out to national and local suppliers on Spike TV's new reality show. More>>

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August 7: Kilkenny’s Irish Pub/Breakwall Bar & Grill   August 4, 2011

Check out the vendors, suppliers and services helped Jon Taffer make the Bar Rescue of Kilkenny's Irish Pub possible.More>>

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Kilkenny's: From Irish Pub to Beach Bar   August 4, 2011

Kilkenny's Irish Pub was once a Redondo Beach, Calif., hotspot, but the bar and its owners Allie and Alexis Speed have fallen on hard times. Can Jon Taffer and the "Bar Rescue" team step in before it's too late?More>>

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July 31: The Abbey   July 31, 2011

Check out the tools and services Jon Taffer used to rescue The Abbey in this week’s episode of Bar Rescue. Can these vendors help your bar succeed? More>>

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Resurrecting The Abbey   July 31, 2011

The Abbey once was a top music venue in Chicago, but now the showroom-and-pub venue is failing. Can Jon Taffer of Spike TV's "Bar Rescue" bring it back to life? More>>

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July 24: Downey's Irish Pub & Restaurant   July 24, 2011

Bar Rescue's second episode featured products and services from a range of vendors and suppliers. Check out the tools and services Jon Taffer used to rescue Downey’s Irish Pub & Restaurant in Philadelphia from the brink of disaster.More>>

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Downey’s – Back From The Brink   July 24, 2011

Downey's Irish Pub & Restaurant was falling apart -- literally -- and owner Dominic Centofonti was out of money, patience and time. Enter Jon Taffer, star of Spike TV's "Bar Rescue" to bring it back from the brink of disaster. More>>

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From Angels Sports Bar to Racks Bourbon and Billiards   July 14, 2011

Once a go-to sports bar in Corona, Calif., Angels was losing money to bigger and better competitors, and Owner Renee Vicary’s efforts to keep the bar afloat weren’t enough. Enter Jon Taffer, NCB Media Group President, who, with the help of his “Bar Rescue” team of experts, took Angels into...More>>

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Premiere Episode July 17: Angels/Racks   July 14, 2011

Bar Rescue's first episode featured products and services from a range of vendors and suppliers. Want to find out more about the tools Jon Taffer used to rescue Angels Sports Bar from ruin? More>>

Meet Jon Taffer   July 14, 2011

Meet Jon Taffer, a founding member of the Nightclub & Bar Advisory Board, Nightclub & Bar Media Group president and star of Spike TV's "Bar Rescue."More>>

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