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Bar Rescue

Bar Rescue is Nightclub and Bar's TV program about revamping slow businesses in the bar industry.

Underground Wonderbar Recipes Article
Clear Bar Recipes   February 15, 2015

Check out the official drink recipes from the Clear Bar episode on Spike TV's Bar Rescue.More>>

Bar Rescue Article
The UnderGround Wonderbar has Lost Its Wonder   February 15, 2015

Can Jon Taffer take the most stubborn owner he's ever had and turn her music venue with a bar into a bar with live music?More>>

Underground Wonderbar Article
It is Clear The Underground Wonderbar Needs Change   February 15, 2015

The Underground Wonderbar is missing the mark when it comes to demographics. Can Jon Taffer take this stubborn owner to welcome change?More>>

Second Base Article
Second Base (Almost) Gets Rescued for a Second Time   February 8, 2015

Extreme Sports Bar & Grill was rescued and transformed into Second Base in 2012. After the bar fell apart again, will Taffer be able to rescue it a second time?More>>

Bar Rescue Article
Second Base is in Need of a Pinch Hitter   February 8, 2015

Terry is an owner of multiple successful bars, however, that does not include Second Base, a sports bar that was already rescued once before in 2012. Can Taffer turn around this owner the second time around?More>>

Packy's Pub becomes Campbell's Irish Pub on Bar Rescue Article
Taffer Turns Around Packy's Pub   December 14, 2014

In 1986, Patrick “Packy” Campbell, immigrated to the states from Ireland and got involved in the bar business in order to live the American dream. Wanting to test his luck, Packy opened his own bar and when Packy’s Pub first opened it was busy all the.More>>

Packy's Pub becomes Campbell's Irish Pub on Bar Rescue Article
It's Time to Pack Up and Return to Ireland   December 14, 2014

Patrick "Packy" Campbell, owner of Packy’s Pub, has 14 years’ experience in the bar business but somehow he left is staff to run his bar on their own and is now failing. Could Taffer light a fire in Patrick and get him back on the straight and narrow? More>>

Products and Services from Packy's Episode of Bar Rescue Article
Products & Services Used at Packy's   December 14, 2014

Check out the products and services Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue used to turnaround Packy's.More>>

Bar Rescue Recipes from Campbell's Irish Pub Article
Campbell's Irish Pub Recipes    December 14, 2014

Check out the official drink recipes from the Campbell's Irish Pub episode on Spike TV's Bar Rescue. More>>

Nick's House Recipes Article
Nick's House Recipes   December 7, 2014

Check out the official drink and food recipes from the Nick's House episode on Spike TV's Bar RescueMore>>

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