News and articles on alcohol-related legislative measures and political issue for the on-premise industry.

Beam Global Applauds Launch of Congressional Bourbon Caucus   June 18, 2009

Beam Global thanks members of Congress for their efforts to strengthen and support “America’s Native Spirit.”More>>

Madd Article
Industry Issues | MADD Cuts Ties to The Century Council   June 17, 2009

MADD contends that The Century Council is deviating from its promise not to oppose legislation calling for ignition interlocks for first-time DWI offenders via some letters circulated in states where such legislation is pending.More>>

INDUSTRY ISSUE | Tax Proposal Prompts Swift Response   June 9, 2009

The Senate Finance Committee may seek funds to underwrite President Obama’s health care plan not only from increased taxes on beer and wine but also on soft drinks.More>>

Capital Article
CONGRESSIONAL UPDATE | Funding for Universal Interlocks Sought   May 27, 2009

Robert Strassburger asked Congress to grant a request by Mothers Against Drunk Driving for $30 million in annual funding to develop ignition interlock devices for all cars.More>>

ABI Takes Stand Against Ignition Interlock Movement   May 20, 2009

The American Beverage Institute urges Congress to reject a proposal that would eliminate responsible consumption of alcohol prior to driving.More>>

Alcohol Tax Policy Option Could Cost Industry Thousands of Jobs   May 19, 2009

DISCUS today called the Senate Finance Committee policy option to raise alcohol taxes a prescription for disaster for the hard hit hospitality sector.More>>

Tax Article
INDUSTRY ISSUE | Alcohol Tax Increases Recommended   May 19, 2009

Three of 13 experts recommended to a Senate Finance Committee roundtable on May 12 that taxes on alcohol be increased significantly to help fund health care.More>>

Texans’ Thirst for Modernization Overwhelms "Dry" Law   May 15, 2009

More than 80 percent of recent alcohol elections in Texas have gone “wet.”More>>

This Just In: NHTSA Nominee Withdrawn   May 13, 2009

MADD CEO Chuck Hurley has withdrawn as President Obama's top pick to lead the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, according to Associated Press.More>>

Industry Issues Article
INDUSTRY ISSUES | State Drink Taxes   May 13, 2009

Washington raised the liquor excise tax, while excise tax increases also are brewing in nine states, according to the American Beverage Institute (ABI).More>>

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