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News and articles on alcohol-related legislative measures and political issue for the on-premise industry.

ABI Asks: Why Would MADD Oppose Obama's Beer Summit?   August 3, 2009

The American Beverage Institute criticized Mothers Against Drunk Driving for publicly lamenting that President Obama chose to hold a “Beer Summit” in an effort to cool tensions between the gentlemen involved in the recent police incident in Cambridge.More>>

Donna Hood Crecca
Fight the Ignition Interlock Mandate   July 31, 2009

For those who thought it couldn’t happen, well, it looks like it’s closer to becoming reality. Ignition interlock as punishment for all drunk driving offenders could be here shortly. More>>

U.S. May Require Anti-DWI Locks on Vehicles, USA Today Reports   July 30, 2009

States and the federal government weigh mandatory use of devices requiring violators to prove their sobriety before their engines start.More>>

Bartenders: “Legalize Cachaça Now!”   July 29, 2009

Bartenders ratify Cachaça Declaration of Independence at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans, LA.More>>

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Health Care Debate Rolls On   July 29, 2009

Democrats are working earnestly to appease various factions of their caucus, but it appears they are still far from finding a solution that will summon enough votes.More>>

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Alcohol & Soda Not Taxed as Part of Proposed Health Care Bill   July 22, 2009

The House Ways & Means Committee completed work on the health care bill late last Thursday night. The legislation passed the committee by a vote of 23 to 18, with three Democrats voting against the bill.More>>

Interlock Article
Interlock Technology Report   July 22, 2009

Next month the American Beverage Institute will release a new report on developments on ignition interlock technology.More>>

Healthcare Reform Article
Discus Update: Alcohol Taxes to Fund Healthcare Reform?    July 15, 2009

Congress returned from recess last week and resumed work on health care reform. Although legislation was expected to move through each respective chamber over the next two weeks, progress has stalled.More>>

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Busy Summer Ahead on Tax Front – Get Involved   July 1, 2009

With a new health care plan in the works, advocacy groups are pressing hard to raise beverage alcohol taxes. One proposal under consideration could jeopardize $9 billion in retail sales and over 160,000 jobs would be lost.More>>

New Jersey Hospitality Coalition Urges Governor Corzine to Remove Wine/Liquor Tax Hikes From Budget   June 26, 2009

A recent economic analysis showed that increasing New Jersey's excise tax on spirits and wine by 25% would cause local retailers to lose an estimated $60 million in retail sales and shed 1,000 hospitality sector jobs.More>>

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