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News and articles on alcohol-related legislative measures and political issue for the on-premise industry.

taxes Article
Fighting Alcohol Taxes   November 11, 2009 from ABI offers updates on pending alcohol tax legislation, the impact of increased spirits, wine, beer and drink taxes on the economy, employment and actual tax revenue collection.More>>

sla logo Article
Changes to NY State Application Process   October 28, 2009

Following a damning report released on Sept. 30, the New York State Liquor Authority is streamlining its applications process.More>>

National Restaurant Assn. Fights for Tax Provision to Help Restaurants Expand, Remodel    October 23, 2009

Extension of 15-year depreciation schedule for restaurant improvements and new construction would encourage expenditures that help fuel economic growth.More>>

DISCUS: Growth in Colorado Alcohol Tax Revenue Attributable to Sunday Sales   October 22, 2009

Implementing Sunday liquor sales helped Colorado alcohol tax revenues grow 6% over the last year despite the recession, according to state retailers and the Distilled Spirits Council.More>>

discus Article
Wisconsin Faces Spirits Tax   October 21, 2009

The Wisconsin legislature is considering a 58 percent increase to the state distilled spirits taxes. SB 66 will be considered by the Joint Finance Committee in the coming weeks.More>>

interlock Article
Ignition Interlock Law Enacted in California   October 14, 2009

The program begins on July 1, 2010 in Alameda, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Tulare counties. In July 2015, the state legislature will assess a study on its effectiveness.More>>

DISCUS: Wisconsin's Liquor Tax Hike Will Destroy More than 1,000 Hospitality Jobs   October 9, 2009

The 58 percent liquor tax hike being proposed will devastate the hospitality industry, eliminating more than 1,250 jobs on top of 4,200 hospitality jobs already lost in the last year.More>>

Legal Experts, Regulators and Others to Present at Alcohol Law Symposium   October 8, 2009

The role of state law and the 21st Amendment to be examined in a three-day program at the Center for Alcohol Policy (CAP) Alcohol Law Symposium.More>>

seattle Article
Seattle’s Nightlife Finds Growing Support   October 1, 2009

Mayoral candidate Steve McGinn’s new platform is based on honoring existing venues and tweaking legislation to find a happy medium between venues and neighborhoods.More>>

interlock Article
Ignition Interlock Update   September 30, 2009

An extension of the Highway Bill passed the House, delaying movement on the proposal that calls for mandatory installation of ignition interlock devices in the vehicles of all drunk driving offenders.More>>

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