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Cocktail Trends

Information on trends in on-premise cocktails

The Skinny on "Skinny"   October 18, 2011

Even in the age of tough anti-alcohol measures and faddish bottled cocktails, bartenders need to be as adept at making low-calorie and zero proof drinks as they are at Flips, Shrubs and Tikis.More>>

Health Food Article
The Fruits and Spices of Autumn   October 18, 2011

Drink menus are starting to enliven with fall flavors — apple, cinnamon, cranberry, ginger, pumpkin — just as the weather turns, and there will be cake (or at least "Cuptails") for the holidays!More>>

Brandy Rand Article
Making Brandy a Star   October 6, 2011

If you take a look at various spirit categories, you’ll find a great deal of conversation about vodka (still king), tequila (on fire), rum (resurgence), Irish whiskey (watch out) and gin (finally). But ask about brandy or Cognac, and you’ll hear birds chirping. Why?More>>

Mescal Article
Mescal Makes its Mark   October 4, 2011

New mescals, wider distribution and the emergence of the other agaves — tobala, espadin, sotol — means bartenders have another category to master. Why it matters...More>>

Muddler Article
Muddling for Fresh Profits   September 12, 2011

The truth about drink making is that the fresher the ingredients, the more enjoyable the cocktail. Mixologists and bar chefs are increasingly reaching for the bar muddler when looking to elevate their cocktails to new heights.More>>

Duck Hunter Article
American Women, American Whiskey   September 8, 2011

The evolution of the typical bar menu is opening the minds of female consumers, encouraging them to be adventurous. It should be no surprise that women across the country are starting to reclaim their palates, eschewing sweet vodka-fueled drinks for the bold flavors of American whiskey. More>>

Jack Robertiello
Nobody Asked Me, But...   August 23, 2011

Not exactly a top 10 list — instead a grab bag of thoughts from a drinks observer who has a few opinions to share about bar and mixology trends. More>>

Bourbon Peach Smash Article
Peaches and Ice Cream: The Dog Days Menu   August 9, 2011

The long, hot days of summer are upon us, which means more punches and long drinks, pitchers, ice cream and, of course, some of the latest skinny drinks.More>>

Jack Robertiello
What "Culinary" Means to You   August 8, 2011

There’s always something to pick up at food-service industry conferences: "Culinary" has come to mean kitchen-driven when it comes to cocktails.More>>

Spa-Tinis Article
The Skinny on Skinny Drinks    August 2, 2011

Today, so-called “skinny drinks” are all the rage. Drinks like the Look Better Naked Margarita solidify the notion that real cocktails can be indulgent yet not fattening and even good for you.More>>

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