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Cocktail Trends

Information on trends in on-premise cocktails

L.A. Times: A Clear Trend in Southern California's Craft Cocktails Scene   May 21, 2012

From the Los Angeles Times: Cranberry is not vodka's best friend. Real vodka drinkers know this, but for years their taste has been marginalized by a craft cocktail scene obsessed with whiskey.More>>

Jack Robertiello
What's in Your Soda?   May 15, 2012

Is Big Soda slow? Or is the modern American cocktail movement simply too small for them to notice? Many bartenders have made it clear that the standard Big Soda offerings simply don’t cut it.More>>

Peter Rabbit Article
Create Stand-Out Drinks With Creative Garnishes   May 15, 2012

Subtle or bold, ingredient tweaks, housemade infusions and a kitchen refrigerator's contents are all becoming the basic essentials of a stand-out beverage menu. More>>

Sangria Article
Super Summer Sippers   May 11, 2012

When the mercury rises, bar guests crave refreshment — and wine-based drinks deftly fit the bill. Whether it’s used in an icy, fruit-filled pitcher of Sangria, a fun bubbly cocktail or a modern, well-crafted take on a cooler or spritzer, wine can be just divine in the summertime.More>>

Blended Drinks Article
Bar Chefs Blend Summer Sizzlers   May 8, 2012

As summer shifts into high gear, bar chefs and bartenders are faced with the seasonal challenge of slacking the nation’s thirst and doing so with flair, flavor and attendant profits. Selecting the right tools is crucial to the effort.More>>

Mojito Article
Secrets to Making Signature Mojitos   May 8, 2012

The Mojito is a proven crowd pleaser and an absolute must for every mixologist to perfect. To that end, the following are the best-kept secrets behind America’s greatest Mojitos:More>>

Garnishes Article
Not-so-Typical Drink Ingredients From Napa to New York   May 1, 2012

What doesn’t inspire cocktail creativity these days? Any ingredient you find can be used — and likely will be used — to craft a cocktail in the modern madcap mixology scene.More>>

Bubbly Champagne Cocktails   April 24, 2012

In addition to the category’s namesake and founder, there are other classic and absolutely essential Champagne cocktails that must be sipped and savored to be fully appreciated. Here are a few: More>>

Cork Article
Champagne Cocktails: Imbibe the Effervescence   April 24, 2012

The new breed of Champagne libations is among the latest trends sweeping the country. These cocktails are light, effervescent and exceptionally delicious. So exceptional are these cocktails that they have the capacity of turning any night into something genuinely memorable.More>>

Wild Orchid Article
From LA to NYC, Bottled Cocktails are on the Rise   April 17, 2012

The flood of seasonal menus is trickling in, as the promise of warming weather finally starts to bear fruit. From the West Coast to the East Coast, one of the hottest new cocktail service methods involves bottled cocktails — aged and carbonated!More>>

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