Ice-O-Matic Ice Cube Makers



Ice. Pure and simple. It’s that familiar clinking sound in your favorite beverage, the fresh, crystal-clear cube ice that tumbles into glasses at nightclubs and bars around the world. The ice from Ice-O-Matic ice-cube makers cools drinks while preserving the flavor of every beverage. Ice-O-Matic offers several different ice products, ideal for cocktails and beverages. Our Half Cube Ice, perfect for well drinks, creates a more generous-looking pour based on surface area, improving your profits and keeping customers coming back. It also provides less equipment wear and tear for blended drinks. Full Cube and Gourmet Ice provides a crystal-clear, pure backdrop for discerning drinkers of premium beverages. To learn more about how the right ice for the right application can improve your bottom line and for a chance to win a free Apple iPad, click here.