Highway 66 Mini-Bowling

Highway 66

Add a new profit center with Highway 66 from QubicaAMF Worldwide. A scaled down version of traditional tenpin bowling, Highway 66 packs a big-profit potential into a small area. Highway 66 takes up about 40 percent less space than traditional bowling. Virtually maintenance free, you can install it anywhere. The game can be set up to accept coins, bills or debit cards. The unit accommodates up to 10 players at one time. No special shoes are required, and the balls used are smaller than traditional bowling balls—without finger holes. Recent Highway 66 installations include the world’s largest McDonald’s in Orlando, Fla., and the MSC Splendida Cruise Ship. Watch our video online at http://www.amusement.qubicaamf.com/index.html (click on the link in the bottom right corner) or call (407) 466-2839 to learn more!