Cool & New Products on the NCB Show Floor

New and interesting products – that’s the lifeblood of the bar business. Anyone running a bar, whether it’s a straightforward bar or part of a restaurant, nightclub or hotel, needs to keep the back bar fresh, the management systems up-to-date and the ambiance exciting so patrons and profits keep coming in the front door.

Show Floor

Just like you, we editors walk the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show floor with an eye out for the latest and greatest, the cool and new and the fresh takes offered by the venerable brands. Here are just a few of the products (in no particular order) that caught our eye when we hit the show floor in Las Vegas, along with our quickly jotted notes on why we were intrigued.

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Tito’s Vodka 
Local Local Local - if you are in Texas this better be on your shelf. Clean and Clear and not you daddy's vodka. If you’re not in Texas, think big and think local at the same time and get a bottle.