Drink Hub

Drink Hub

Drink Hub LLC today announced that Drink Hub and Drink Hub Mobile products will be available for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and other hospitality venues in the U.S. market. Drink Hub brand products fully integrate into any existing point of sale system and help establishments increase revenue, customer satisfaction, and labor effectiveness by allowing customers to complete orders using Apple iPads and mobile phones.

Drink Hub
Designed to increase revenue in bars, restaurants, and entertainment establishments, the Drink Hub platform is designed as a critical tool for optimizing bar efficiency. Utilizing table mounted iPads, Drink Hub enables clientele to place drink orders and complete payment in one easy process.

Drink Hub Mobile
Developed for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms, the Drink Hub Mobile app provides guests with on-demand ordering and payment capability from mobile devices. Guests using Drink Hub Mobile are able to make drink orders, identify their location, complete transactions, and receive order confirmations all on their mobile phone.

My Hub
Created to further enhance the customer experience, My Hub is a complimentary service that allows your customers to create private accounts to use with all Drink Hub brand products. With MyHub, customers can create a profile, save their favorite menu items, redeem discounts, and access social entertainment sites like Facebook.

For establishments using Drink Hub brand products, My Hub provides a unique marketing and promotion tool included with the installation of Drink Hub and Drink Hub Mobile. With My Hub, establishments are able to notify clientele of special promotions, upcoming events, and create customer reward programs directly via email, helping to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.