DigiTap Systems by Wircon

DigiTap Systems are the only bar management solution in the world to offer selectable measured or free-pour dispensing on every spout, real time accounting and wireless technology that works within 300 feet of your computer or point of sale (POS). All DigiTap spouts are individual computers with two way communication that allow you to program spouts for controlled exact pours, have all dispensing monitored in real time by POS or computer and also send global commands such as “All Off” at closing times. The system is designed for use with multiple or single bars within the same establishment and from one computer with no need for wiring. DigiTaps transmit effortlessly and allow staff to work wirelessly with no learning curve. And systems are easy to install! DigiTap is proud to be chosen as the exclusive Liquor Management System for Yankee Stadium. Stay connected to your bar with DigiTap by Wircon.

DigiTap by Wircon