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Re: Yard House Founder Steele Platt joins the Nightclu...
by: akashbari
March 10, 2015

Nightclub Marketing Nightclub Revenue- DEAD JANUARY


February 24, 2015
See and Be Seen at the Nightclub & Bar Show

Nightclub & Bar Show

When the events are always held at your place, you’re used to people coming to you. But when you’re the one attending the event, like the upcoming Nightclub & Bar Convention and Tradeshow (March 30 – April 1), it can be challenging to stand out in the crowd. With the countdown to the big event already on, below are tips to maximize your presence at the show, attract and engage the right attendees, and establish genuine, long-lasting connections.


Set goals. To get the most from your time at the event, set goals before you go. They should be measurable and achievable such as the number of people you’ll introduce yourself to, the amount of qualified, new business connections you’ll make, and three important takeaways from each session.

Define your target audience. Once you’ve established your goals, determine who can help you achieve them by digging into the agenda and speaker bios.

Update your social media profiles and engage attendees. Be sure that your Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and Twitter account are all up-to-date. Also, use your social media presence to initiate conversations about the event, promote your booth giveaways, and schedule on-site meetings before you arrive.

During the Event

Divide and conquer. If you’re attending the event with a colleague, separate from each other so you can cover more ground from a networking and educational perspective. Also, as you make new connections, write a note or key words on the person’s business card so you’ll remember what you discussed (more on that in a minute).

Promote the event on social media. Live tweet event highlights and remember to include the event hashtag (#NCBSHOW15) in your posts. Also, post event updates and photos across your social media profiles and re-tweet messages from other attendees.

Be creative in your giveaways. Don’t hand out run-of-the-mill tchotchkes. Instead, invest in unique, valuable and visually appealing giveaways that will drive traffic to your booth and spark conversations about you during the event and afterwards. They can range from memorable gifts for everybody who stops by the booth to a drawing for an exotic vacation for two.

Consider an alternative to business casual. Put a new twist on the business casual uniform that everybody else will be wearing. For example, a marketing team from Canada recently attended a U.S. event wearing hockey shirts with their names on the back and company logo on the front. They stood out in a positive way as they actively engaged attendees. You can adapt this idea for some, or all, of the event. It’s a memorable and great conversation starter when your attire reflects the theme of your place such as a jazz club motif or a Mexican cantina.

Post Event

Send personalized follow up notes. Conquer that stack of new business cards you collected at the event and use the notes you wrote on them to personalize follow up emails and LinkedIn invitations.

Debrief with your team. Schedule a post event meeting so colleagues can share lessons learned. Aim to do this on the way home or immediately after you return to work so the valuable insights aren’t forgotten and can be quickly applied to your business operations.

Write an event recap and include photos. Share it in your newsletter, on your blog and/or your Facebook page and then amplify your reach through Twitter and LinkedIn.

Applying this strategy to the Nightclub & Bar Show – or any industry conference – enables you to maximize your investment in professional development and networking events.

Register now to attend the upcoming Nightclub & Bar Show, taking place March 30-April 1 in Las Vegas!  Advance rates end March 28, 2015.

By :Ron Cates

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Re: See and Be Seen at the Nightclub & Bar Show
by: akashbari
March 10, 2015

Thanks lot of to give you huge information. now i sharing about a experienced man in night club revenue. just visit and share your valuable comment.


February 24, 2015
What's Next for Chicago Based DineAmic Group?

The kings of ampersands, first came the success of Bull & Bear and now the soon-to-open Prime & Provisions, the two guys behind the restaurants and upscale bars are ready to head south of the river and open up a steakhouse in the spring of 2015.

David Rekhson and Lucas Stoioff are the guys behind the epicenters of the evening's action downtown: Siena Tavern, Public House and Bull & Bear all located in the bustling River North district in Chicago. They are also the original owners and innovators who started the successful Chicago lounge, Stone Lotus, in their early 20's.

From what started as an upscale nightlife lounge, the two guys are now taking DineAmic Group to be competitors with some of the top restaurant groups in Chicago opening up two more properties in 2015 including a steakhouse called Prime & Provisions

Following successful years with Stone Lotus, the guys decided it was time to go into the restaurant and bar business and open Bull & Bear. Utilizing Stoioff's creativity and law degree and Rekhson's operational, restaurant savvy mind, the opening of the high-end sports bar would be the beginning of the growth of their hospitality company DineAmic Group that operates and owns the venues. 

Innovative and creative, Stoioff and Rekhson came up with the logistics behind the "pour your own table taps" concept at Bull & Bear and carried the popular idea to be included with the opening of Public House. This feature can now be found in restaurants throughout the city of Chicago, but keeps customers’ guessing, "What is next for DineAmic Group?" As of March 2013, Stoioff and Rekhson teamed up with Top Chef, fan favorite and the always charismatic, Fabio Viviani, to open up the Italian eatery hotspot, Siena Tavern.  

Now, doubling the restaurant group in size within a year, the guys are expanding their roster and capitalizing on the dining scene taking it from the River North area and expanding it south of the river. Opening in the spring of 2015, Prime & Provisions will go back to old school steakhouses, but continuing to utilize their creativity and uniqueness.

Mix and mingle with some of the hospitality industry’s most successful owners, like Rekhson and Stoioff, at the 2016 Nightclub & Bar Show!  The industry’s largest gathering of bar and nightlife professionals. Register today to receive early bird rates. 

By :Nightclub & Bar

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Re: What's Next for Chicago Based DineAmic Group?
by: akashbari
March 10, 2015

I have been working in the Night Club & Entertainment Industry for over 20 years and in my family run bar since the age of 11 years.


February 17, 2015
Bar Rescue Experts Return to Nightclub & Bar Show

Experts from the hit TV series "Bar Rescue" will bring their specialized industry knowledge to the 2015 Nightclub & Bar Show! Look for the Bar Rescue symbol next to sessions in the conference schedule to designate it as Bar Rescue Recommended! These sessions are not-to-be-missed and exclusive to the Nightclub & Bar Show.

So, pull back the doors, bust open the books and make the call for help to Bar Rescue Experts -- and register to attend the 2015 Nightclub & Bar Show Conference Program!

2015 Bar Rescue Recommended Sessions!

Bar Rescue

Monday, March 30

Super Session: 30 Tips from the Bar Rescue ExpertsView More
Thomas Greco, Owner - Greco Holdings, Inc
Phil Wills, Partner - The Spirits in Motion - Beverage Solutions
Mia Mastroianni, Cocktail Engineer - Soho House
Nick Liberato, Executive Chef & Partner - The Venice Whaler


View More

How to Be an Effective Bar Manager
Phil Wills & Tony Pereyra - Partners, The Spirits in Motion - Beverage Solutions

Tuesday, March 31
11:00 AM-11:45 AM
View More Keynote: Bar Management Made Easy
Jon Taffer, President - Nightclub & Bar Media Group

View More Super Session: Bar Rescue: Where Are They Now?
Justin Lacob – Vice President of Original Series, Spike TV
Guy Wavra – Owner, Moonrunners Saloon
Todd Harr – Owner,  22 Klicks
Packy Campbell – Owner, Campbell’s Irish Pub

View More Taking Bar Food to the Next Level
Nick Liberato - Executive Chef, The Venice Whaler

View More How to Harness the Social Media & Mobile Craze
Ron Cates - Director of Digital Marketing Education, Constant Contact

Wednesday, April 1
View More Going Beyond the Recipes of Modern & Classic Cocktails
Mia Mastroianni - Cocktail Engineer, Soho House

Bar Rescue recommended session are included in all three conference passes: VIP Pass, Conference Plus and Conference Pass.
Register in advance and save off all Conference Passes! Click below to view all package options:

Register Now

In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to stop by the Spike TV booth on the trade show floor. Special appearances are expected and mentors will be present to help with all of your business needs.  


Conference Brochure


View the 2015 Nightclub & Bar Show Brochure! Click Here. 



By :Nightclub & Bar

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February 10, 2015
6 Things we Learned from #NCBTaffer Takeover

Jon Taffer

Bar Rescue Host and Nightclub & Bar President, Jon Taffer took to Twitter yesterday afternoon to answer all your business questions during Taffer Takeover (#NCBTaffer).  This was the first time [but not the last], Taffer has taken over the Nightclub & Bar Twitter page to answer your specific industry questions on running a successful bar or nightlife venue.

Here are 6 things we learned from Jon Taffer's #NCBTaffer Takeover.  

1. Brewpubs are expensive to open but financially viable. 



2. Vodka and beer will rein supreme this summer. 



3. Tease programs create market anticipation for new venues. 



4. Don't sell cheap drinks. 



5. Sports bars need to emulate being at the game. 



6. Do your homework!



Want more Taffer Tips or Bar Rescue Insider information? Experts from the hit TV series Bar Rescue along with Jon Taffer will bring their specialized industry knowledge to the 2015 Nightclub & Bar Show! Seven action-packed Bar Rescue recommended sessions will be presented during the Nightclub & Bar Show conference program. For more information on these sessions and to register, visit


By :Kristen Santoro

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February 3, 2015
Make Better Decisions that Benefit Your Bar

Nightclub & Bar Show Workshop
Use discount code: A400H for $10 off any pass.

When it comes to the Nightclub & Bar Show, undeniably, each year industry experts bring unique perspectives on growing trends, better business practices, and this year is no different. The 2015 Nightclub & Bar Show (March 30 – April 1 at the Las Vegas Convention Center) workshops run the gamut from understanding social media to cocktail culture, and a beginners guide to controlling your most important number. Without a doubt, they're all must-attend workshops for bar and nightclub professionals.

You don’t want to miss a minute of Nightclub & Bar’s interactive workshops.

You can pick from 6 different topic-specific workshops on marketing, consumer and beverage trends, social media strategies, cost controls and customer loyalty programs presented by leading experts in the business.  

And just like previous years, it’s all about informing you and helping you make better decisions to benefit your business. Pick which workshop it right for you today!

View More Pro Workshop 1: Avoid Failure: Implement Proven Customer Service Delivery Strategies
Brian Warrener, Hospitality Professor, Johnson & Wales University

The best customer service organizations shoot for 100% guest satisfaction and 0% defaults. Professor Brian Warrener will examine customer service delivery and the fine art of service recovery, drawing from organizations that do it best. Take away best practices of service recovery strategies to take back to your operation in order to turn service failures into service wins.

View More

Pro Workshop 2: Layers of Loyalty: Create Raving Regulars Who Return Soon and Often
Tim Kirkland, CEO, Renegade Hospitality Group

In these highly competitive times, it’s more important than ever not only to attract new customers but to hold on to customers and drive loyalty and frequency among those you already possess. In this idea-packed session, best-selling author Tim Kirkland will share dozens of impactful solutions on how to drive brand affinity and guest frequency, providing you with the tools and tactics to encourage guests to come back soon and often.

View More Pro Workshop 3: Promoting Your Bar: Proven Social Media & Online Marketing Tactics
Tammie Carlisle, Director of Business Development, Milestone Internet Marketing

It’s undeniable that customers are glued to social media and their cell phones. So how can you impact your audiences’ buying behavior? Presented with real life case studies, this workshop will focus on how to manage the most important social media channels in the industry. Take away proven tactics that will increase your traffic, boost your engagement and create new revenue opportunities.

View More Pro Workshop 4: Calculating and Controlling Your Most Important Numbers
David Scott Peters, Founder,

Operating a bar has not changed much fundamentally in the past 50 years, but running a profitable one has. Learn how to manage and control three of your biggest expenses: food, beverage and labor costs. This information-packed workshop will cover how to look deeper into these costs allowing you to take back control of your checking account, improve your bottom line, and ultimately become a more profitable establishment.

View More Pro Workshop 5: Creating a High-Volume Fresh Cocktail Program with Maximum Impact
David Nepove, President, Jonathan Pogash, Northeast Regional VP and Brittany Chardin, Southeast Regional VP, United States Bartenders’ Guild

The past decade has brought about big innovation behind the bar. However, only so many craft cocktails can be made in an hour; therefore, controls and systems need to be in place in order to execute a fresh program with quality ingredients. Attendees will leave understanding the nuts and bolts of applying a fresh program that maximizes revenue and efficiency.

View More Beginner Workshop: Make Your Dream a Reality: Beginner’s Guide to Opening a Bar
Chris Lenahan, Author/Consultant,

Perfect for individuals who are in the process of opening, looking to open or expanding to more locations. We’ve compiled a thorough, but easy-to-digest guide to start your own business that will help you work towards real life plans for future money making. Everything from blue prints to bar design for fast cash, flow patterns to budgeting best practices and financial planning to create realistic business plans.

Register Today at www.ncbshow.comUse discount code: A400H for $10 off any pass.

Register Now

Conference Brochure


View the 2015 Nightclub & Bar Show Brochure! Click Here. 


By :Kristen Santoro

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January 27, 2015
Make Your Dream a Reality: Beginner's Guide to Opening a Bar

Nightclub & Bar Show Beginner Workshop: Beginner's Guide to Opening a Bar 
Nightclub & Bar Show on Vimeo.
Use discount code: A400H for $10 off any pass. 

As increasing numbers of consumers want to dine out, the number of bars and restaurants has skyrocketed from 155,000 about 40 years ago to nearly 960,000 today. But, there’s still room in the market to make your dream of owning a bar, nightclub or restaurant a reality.

Nightclub & Bar Show Beginner’s workshop is perfect for individuals who are in the process of opening, looking to open or expanding to more locations. We’ve compiled a thorough, but easy-to-digest guide to start your own business that will help you work towards real life plans for future money making. Everything from blue prints to bar design for fast cash, flow patterns to budgeting best practices and financial planning to create realistic business plans.

Make sure to register for the workshop today at to start out in the business on the right foot! 

By :Kristen Santoro

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January 20, 2015
World-Famous DJ Tiësto to Spin at #NCBShow15 Platinum Party

Tiesto at Hakkasan during the Nightclub & Bar Show Platinum Party

We’re closing out the 2015 Nightclub & Bar Show by throwing an Industry New Year’s party to remember! We are thrilled to announce world-famous DJ and producer Tiësto as our headlining act for our final Platinum Party on Wednesday, April 1st at Hakkasan Las Vegas!

Hakkasan Features
Envisioned and created by Hakkasan Ltd. and its partners Angel Management Group (AMG), Hakkasan Las Vegas Nightclub is a three-level nightlife mecca located at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. The highly acclaimed nightclub represents the bold evolution of the prestigious global restaurant brand into an all-encompassing nightlife experience showcasing a unique convergence of dramatic design, world-class mixology and exclusive collaborations with in-demand artists across numerous genres. Since its debut in April 2013, the 60,000-square-foot nightspot has welcomed in over 500,000 partygoers, a number of A-list celebrities and been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades.

Get the "Party Upgrade"
For only $50 more than a regular pass, get the "Party Upgrade" and select a VIP PassConference Plus Pass or Expo Plus Pass. These passes include tickets to all 3 Platinum Parties (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday). Your Platinum Party ticket includes party admission, no cover charge, DJ entertainment, and complimentary drinks during private hours.


Exclusive POS Sponsor  Exclusive Beer Sponsor 
2 Touch POS Logo Heineken Logo


By :Kristen Santoro

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January 19, 2015
Gas Prices Down -- Drinks Up?

Consumer price sensitivity even with falling gas prices

Gas prices averaged $2.08 per gallon nationally at the end of last week, the lowest seen since mid-2008, which marks nearly three consecutive months of declines, according to AAA. Simultaneously, we’ve seen an uptick in casual-dining restaurant same-store sales, with the segment growing 4.9% in quarter three 2014. Between gas prices plummeting and employment improving (although wage growth is flat), consumers have more money in their pockets these days and are feeling more confident overall. In fact, consumer confidence reached 92.6 in December, the seventh consecutive month of confidence trending above 86, which is the longest stretch we’ve seen at that level since late 2007. Recent Technomic consumer insights reveal that restaurants are among the top five beneficiaries of that increased disposable income in 2015.

While it’s great to report these positive trends, there are always caveats. The first is that sliding gas prices will likely level off and even increase in the weeks ahead. Historically, prices rise at the pump in February as refineries make investments in anticipation that demand rises with temperatures. The second is that consumer price sensitivity remains high for dining-out occasions, and drinks are not immune. Cost is still the primary influencer of drink selection and the appeal of promotions or discounts continues unabated, according to BarTAB and other Technomic research. Younger consumers (age 21-34) are by far the most cost-conscious when ordering drinks on-premise.

So while consumers may be more inclined to go out for the evening, their keen eye for value isn’t blinded by the presence of a little extra money in their wallets. Delivering a stellar beverage experience at an attractive price point can entitle your operation to some of that surplus. 

By :Donna Hood Crecca

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