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Bartender of the Month
August 2014 Bartender of the Month: Shane Markley    August 4, 2014

Article By: Mary-Kate Dunphy

Shane Markley has worked his way up in the industry from dishwasher to bartender to bar manager and his passion lies in incorporate some type of showmanship into all aspects of bartending.More>>

July 2014 Bartender of the Month: William Fanning    July 15, 2014

Article By: Nightclub & Bar

Having worked extensively in literally every front of the house position over his 15 year career, William Fanning is always happy to “talk shop” with any interested parties, especially over a beer. More>>

June 2014 Bartender of the Month: Jennifer Colliau     June 10, 2014

Article By: Kristen Santoro

Award-winning San Francisco-based bartender Jennifer Colliau founded Small Hand Foods in 2008 to serve the needs of colleagues and restaurants who needed authentic and delicious ingredients for Prohibition-era cocktail recipes.More>>

April 2014 Bartender of the Month: Trevor Frye    April 29, 2014

Article By: Kristen Santoro

Trevor Frye entered the restaurant industry over 10 years ago as a server at a BBQ joint, and he has worked in every type of restaurant position since.More>>

March 2014 Bartender of the Month: Diane Silvey    March 18, 2014

Article By: Kristen Santoro

In 1979 Diane Silvey moved to Lake Tahoe to work for Harrah’s Hotel and Casino as a cocktail waitress. After attending the Harrah’s Bartending School, Silvey became a bartender and worked for Harrah’s for 12 years before moving to Las Vegas in 1992. More>>

January 2014 Bartender of the Month: Katie Emmerson     January 21, 2014

Article By: Kristen Santoro

While waitressing at a Belgian restaurant in Manhattan to support her acting, Katie learned of an opportunity to join the owner's next project – Raines Law Room. Here she fell in love with craft bartending, naturally guiding her guests through the lexicon of classic cocktails.More>>

December 2013 Bartender of the Month: Yael Vengroff    December 10, 2013

Article By: Kristen Santoro

Originally from Houston, Texas, Yael Vengroff moved to New York City in 2005 to attend New York University. Since then, Yael has gained extensive experience in high volume nightclubs, fine dining restaurants, boutique cocktail bars, live music venues, and dive bars in New York, Houston and Los...More>>

October 2013 Bartender Of The Month: Beau Williams     October 15, 2013

Article By: Kristen Santoro

Beau Williams' cocktails have won him the recognition of his peers and experts but his real strengths lie in making guests comfortable, making them laugh, and getting them to come back.More>>

September 2013 Bartender of the Month: Aaron Alvarez    September 13, 2013

Article By: Kristen Santoro

Even though Aaron Alvarez is only 34 years old, he’s a Certified Sommelier and has worked at a number of prominent establishments. As one of the most respected mixologists in L.A.—he’s managed the bar at the exclusive Vanity Fair Oscar Party for two years running—Alvarez still prefers to...More>>

August 2013 Bartender of the Month: Justin Pike    August 20, 2013

Article By: Kristen Santoro

Justin Pike's dexterity and creativity behind the bar is the result not only of his thirst for knowledge and the history of what he pours and mixes, but also a belief in bartending being its own form of art and communication with patrons. More>>

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