Taffer Turns Around Fairways Golf & Grill

Bar Rescue After ten year in finance Richard Jordan took a swing at the bar business and invested his lifetime earning into Fairways, a golf themed bar.  However, as bills began to pile up after opening, Richard’s dreams quickly became a nightmare.  Now, Richard is unable to chip away at his $150,000 debt. With his house on the line and his dreams in a sand trap, Richard has two months before he’ll need to close the doors for good.

With a lackluster exterior that looks more like a retail store than a bar, Fairways is in desperate need of a makeover. Once inside, it’s no wonder the bar doesn’t have any customer with one health code violation after another upon inspection; including mushrooms growing in the walk-in cooler. The staff even managed to get mixologist Phil Wills sick from only two sips of beer.

Now, Murfreesboro, TN is one of the fastest growing cities with the population increasing by 66% with the majority being 21-29 years old. With this age group as the target demographic, who cares less about golf than the 52-59 year old demographic who are outnumbered, Taffer and his team decided on a hybrid of a coffeehouse and bar to attract this younger generation.

Brew U, is a coffee fusion bar that will draw in the local colleage student that are looking for a place to relax and grab a drink.  They utilize home town colors and mixed seating in the design that is condusive to the different type of collage students. Eight weeks after the relaunch sales at Brew U have doubled.



Re: Taffer Turns Around Fairways Golf & Grill
by: skjoe
June 29, 2014

I tried to get the Rutherford Co. Health department to do there job, but their only response was "We don't eat there" Filthy kitchen and no hot water in the restrooms. Richard, the owner, is drunck all of the time and Michelle smokes pot on the outdoor patio. Richard's father is rich so no problem. I should sue Brew U for serving me food before the rescue. And they thought Kevin was the problem with his special "Tant Pizza" Thanks Dad!