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September 11, 2012

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10 Reasons to Walk Through Your Own Front Door 
While entering the property through the back door may be expedient, it’s a practice that prevents us from appreciating what our guests’ experience when they approach the front of our establishment.
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        Moving Target

Drink Trends
Hot New Backbar Prospects  
People who appreciate world-class spirits are driven by the sense of discovery. The prospect of tasting something new is compelling and at the very heart of dynamic beverage marketing. Staying ahead of the curve is essential.
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Cognac-Based Cocktails Are a Marketing Bonanza 
Steadily increasing sales of top-shelf spirits confirm that we as a nation have developed a taste for the good stuff. For those times when an ordinary cocktail won’t do, savvy mixologists are now reaching for the nearest bottle of cognac.
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Blog Spotlight
Blended Adult Smoothies  
There are a few of us roaming about who sip a smoothie and think how much better it would taste if it contained a little dark rum. If they can be customized with nutrients, why can’t you doctor them with some Kahlúa or Maker’s Mark?
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Hubbell Introduces the Magnuliter LED Floodlight Series 
Hubbell Outdoor Lighting Inc. is proud to introduce the Magnuliter MLED Series, a family of LED floodlights designed specifically to provide energy-efficient and versatile solutions for large area floodlighting applications.
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New Pumpkin Face Ultra Premium Rum from Dominican Republic 
Pumpkin Face Rum is a new line of ultra premium rum imported from Dominican Republic and shaped like a pumpkin.
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Charonge - White Wine with a Twist of Orange - Brings a Brand New Taste to Wine 
Hot and thirsty wine lovers across America this summer are discovering a brilliantly innovative and refreshing new treat: Charonge – a California White Wine blended with natural orange flavor.
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