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May 24, 2011


Straight Up

Staffing for Success
Bartender Mistakes That Make Managers Cringe 
Keeping the learning curve shallow and mistakes to a minimum will lessen the amount of collateral damage bartenders inflict on guests and the establishment. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of the bartending mistakes that elevate a manager’s blood pressure.
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Playing It Safe
How to Stay Out of Dutch With the Health Department 
Keeping a commercial bar clean is hard, but what choice do you have? Letting customers sit at a filthy bar is unacceptable. Here’s our Top 10 list of ways to stay out of Dutch with the health department.
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At the Bar With...
John Bodnovich, Champion of Small Bars and Taverns 
The American Beverage Licensees association commemorates the 58th annual Tavern Month, a time when U.S. beer, wine and spirits retailers celebrate the heritage of tavern culture as well as the positive impact taverns have on their communities.
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The Tequila Class of 2011: 12 New Agave Sensations 
The growth of handcrafted tequilas has left many consumers feeling overwhelmed. So which of the 100% agave tequila brands have what it takes to play in the bigs? Here’s our take on the top 12 contenders.
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Squirrel Systems Debuts Squirrel Professional POS for Android 
Squirrel Systems announced the debut of Squirrel Professional POS for Android, which includes point-of-sale software for Windows tablets and other mobile devices such as the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
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Demitri's Bloody Mary Seasoning Adds Spice to Any Cocktail 
Created to provide bartenders with high-quality drink mixes, the Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasoning line includes: Classic Recipes, Chilies and Peppers, Extra Horseradish and Chipotle-Habañero.
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The Blendtec ICB3 Smoother Countertop Blender Delivers High-Powered Blending 
The Blendtec ICB3 Smoother Countertop Blender delivers high powered, one-touch blending. Initially created for use in bar wells, the footprint of the ICB3 has become the desired blender for bars, coffee shops, ice cream vendors and much more.
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