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May 10, 2011


Staffing for Success
Top 10 Tips on How to Motivate Employees 
Motivating people is an acquired skill. So how can managers better motivate employees and create a more positive working environment? Following is our short list on that very subject.
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At the Bar With...
Ciaran Wiese, Bartending Vagabond 
In 2009, Tales of the Cocktail named Ciaran Wiese one of the nation’s top 10 mixologists to watch. After sitting at his bar for a few minutes, it’s easy to understand why.
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Ops for Profit
Bartender Theft: The Serious Business of Sleight of Hand 
Preventing theft is far from easy. Familiarity with how bartenders steal and knowing what to look for constitute management’s first line of defense.
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Drink Trends
Beer Drinks: Tapping a New Profit Source 
What can be done with beer that hasn't been done already? The artful skill of beer mixing requires balancing the attributes of one brew with the characteristics of another.
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Bacardi Announces New Trade Product 
The new Bacardi All-In-One Shaker allows you to muddle, shake and pour in one quick, simple step.
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Follett Announces New Horizon 1800 Series Icemaker 
Follett introduces the Horizon 1800 series icemaker that is designed to produce up to 1580 pounds of ice in a 24-hour period.
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Meyda Custom Lighting Introduces Costello Two-Tier Chandel-Air 
Meyda Custom Lighting introduces the Costello Two-Tier Chandel-Air, customized with two-tiers featuring a lower tier that doubles as a decorative casement for a ceiling fan.
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