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January 31, 2012

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Drink Trends
The Best-Kept Secrets Behind Great Old Fashioneds 
The drink's timeless appeal lies in the interplay of the whiskey and murky, muddled base. The cocktail once again proves the adage about the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Following are the best-kept secrets behind America's greatest Old Fashioneds:
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         Vacation Adventures

Staffing for Success
Worst Mismanagement Practices: Are You Guilty? 
A bar can be an extremely stressful place to earn a living. There are a number of ways a manager can negatively affect morale and productivity. The following items detail common mismanagement practices, examine why they are counterproductive and discuss how they can be avoided:
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Ops for Profit
How to Profit From Your Own Market Research 
While you probably already know who is coming into your establishment, demographic shifts do occur. If your bar is experiencing a significant demographics shift, confirm the trend by analyzing your sales mix. Here's how:
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Blog Spotlight
Starbucks Deserves Praise, Not Criticism 
The world's largest coffee chain has been getting even more attention than usual. Starbucks' decision to start serving wine and beer at select locations has not entirely been met with a joyous outcry. Political correctness be damned, I'm a loyal fan!
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NCB News
Nightclub & Bar Announces Finalists of the 2012 Nightclub & Bar Awards 
For the third year, Nightclub & Bar Media Group is delighted to announce the finalists of its elite awards program. The annual Nightclub & Bar Awards celebrate the nightlife industry's cream of the crop.
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Product News
Concannon Irish Whiskey Arrives from Cooley Distillery 
Concannon Irish Whiskey - a collaboration between Livermore-based Concannon Vineyard and Ireland's Cooley Distillery - has been developed with American consumers in mind and presents a unique take on Irish whiskey, the fastest growing spirit category.
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Newcastle Brown Ale Announces Limited-Edition Founders' Ale 
Newcastle Brown Ale, brewer of “One & Only,” has announced the release of its fourth Limited Edition brew, Founders' Ale. Available nationwide for a limited time, this beer tips its hat to the heritage and tradition of Newcastle's five founding breweries.
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The Skinny on Mike's Lite Hard Lemonade 
A naturally sweetened, flavored malt beverage, Mike's Lite Hard Lemonade is a refreshing alternative to the everyday lite beer. Gluten-free, the beverage is available in two flavors: lemonade and cranberry lemonade.
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