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December 6, 2011



Staffing for Success
Start Flipping Those Bottles 
Teaching your staff the secrets of flair bartending is like tapping into an unknown reservoir of excitement, grace and dazzling dexterity. Flair bartending is a proven means of wowing guests, building repeat business and driving sales.
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Ops for Profit
Reducing Your Bar's Carbon Footprint 
Turning green is good for your bar's business. Not only will it lower operating costs, it also will clearly demonstrate to staff and clientele that you're driven by more than just profits.
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Drink Trends
Unbalanced: Biggest Cocktail Blunders 
Anyone who has attempted to create the next cocktail sensation will appreciate the difficulties involved. The following list of frequently observed cocktail blunders is as much a collective cry for relief as it is a primer for the advancement of the craft:
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Blog Spotlight
10 Ways to Criticize Staff Effectively 
Criticism needn't leave the recipient permanently scarred and you emotionally disturbed. Put down your scalpel and cat-o'-nine tails, here's our top 10 list of ways to criticize your staff effectively, and hopefully, more humanely.
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Product News
4 Orange Premium Vodka – The Ever Vibrant Vodka 
Whether neat, on the rocks or in cocktails, 4 Orange Premium Vodka has a versatile flavor that can be savored on its own or become a complement for cocktails.
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Vampire Vineyards Announces Je T'aime in Time for the Holidays 
Je T'aime Brut Rose Sparkling Wine has been added to the Vampire Vineyards family. Je T'aime speaks volumes through its bouquet of fresh strawberry and raspberry, fragrant complexity and crisp finish.
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Shipyard Announces New Applehead Brew 
Shipyard Brewing Company announces the release of a new beer: Shipyard Applehead. An extension of the company's Shipyard Pumpkinhead line, Shipyard Applehead is a seasonal brew available December through March, while supplies last.
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