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April 10, 2012

Viva Media

Vacation Adventures

Inside the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 
Now in its 12th year, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition is arguably the most prestigious event of its kind. As one of the few fortunate enough to serve as judge, the competition is always the highlight of my year.
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        Ole Smoky

Ops for Profit
Control Pour Costs and Watch Profits Rise! 
Keeping a finger on your bar’s financial pulse is best accomplished through analyzing your cost percentages, or what in bar jargon is referred to as pour cost. The following eight items cause pour costs to rise:
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Blog Spotlight
Keep it Clean! 
While I may be a slob, I would never hand someone his or her drink while holding the top half of the glass. Isn’t that akin to handling the tines of someone’s fork or scooping ice into a glass with your fingers?
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NCB News
Nightclub & Bar Wins MinOnline Award for Best Website Redesign 
Nightclub & Bar Media Group is proud to announce that has been selected as the winner of MinOnline’s Best of the Web Awards for Best Website Redesign.
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April 2012 Bartender of the Month: Josh Harris 
Winner of the 2012 Shake It Up! creative cocktail competition presented by Nightclub & Bar Media Group and Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Josh Harris of Bon Vivants fame has garnered acclaim through his many, many projects.
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Product News
New ULTRA 19th Hole Light Tea & Lemonade Hits the Market 
Just in time for summer, Michelob ULTRA has introduced ULTRA 19th Hole Light Tea & Lemonade, an iced-tea and lemonade-flavored alcohol beverage inspired by the golf-course classic.
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ABSOLUT Vodka Introduces New Cherrykran Flavor 
ABSOLUT will be treating consumers to a delicious new flavor this spring with the launch of ABSOLUT Cherrykran. The new vodka from ABSOLUT offers the rich character of sun-ripe cherries, followed by notes of fresh white cranberry and sweet plum.
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Malibu Sunshine Refreshes Summer Drinks 
Malibu, a Caribbean Rum with coconut liqueur, announces the launch of Malibu Sunshine, a new permanent addition that marries the brand’s signature smooth coconut flavor with a hint of sun-kissed lemon-lime citrus fruit.
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