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Robert Plotkin

A judge at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Robert Plotkin recently authored his 16th book, Secrets Revealed of America’s Greatest Cocktails. See his site at

Robert Plotkin Blog
Bartenders vs. Mixologists: What's the Difference?   October 25, 2011
By: Robert Plotkin

Are there substantive differences between bartenders and mixologists? With cocktail culture firmly in the limelight, the word “mixologist” is bandied about so loosely that distinctions between the two have become obscured.

Liqueur Article
Cordial Possibilities: Marketing Summer Elixirs   October 10, 2011
By: Robert Plotkin

Liqueurs have been instrumental in the ongoing renaissance of the cocktail. With few exceptions, they’re the essential components in most great cocktails and specialty drinks, making them franchise players in modern mixology.

Keys Article
How Secure is Your Establishment?   October 10, 2011
By: Robert Plotkin

The unfortunate reality is that bars, nightclubs and restaurants — high profile, high visibility, cash businesses — are prime targets for armed robbery. The operation is most vulnerable at closing when there is the most cash on hand and the fewest number of people on premise.

Dollar Sign Article
Drink Pricing for Optimim Profits   October 10, 2011
By: Robert Plotkin

You needn’t be reminded how important establishing appropriate pricing for goods and services is to your success. If you raise the sales price substantially past the equilibrium point, you can anticipate sales volume to drop, decreasing profits. After all, how many people will be willing to pay...more >>

Dori Bryant Article
Dori Bryant, The Diva of Tequila   October 10, 2011
By: Robert Plotkin

The Spirits of Mexico Competition is the brainchild of Dori Bryant, event director of the International Wine & Spirits Competition Group. Known affectionately in the trade as the “Diva of Tequila,” Bryant may well be the most influential woman in the industry.

Thief Article
Thwarting Bartender Theft   October 6, 2011
By: Robert Plotkin

Employee theft can reduce cash flow to a trickle. How extensive is the problem? Theft costs bars on average 24 to 26% of gross sales, according to Bevinco.

Oranges Article
Sun-Drenched Orange: The Color of Cocktail Success   September 26, 2011
By: Robert Plotkin

In a country that adores Margaritas, it was only a matter of time before public scrutiny locked in on lowly triple sec. While conventional triple sec still may have a place behind the bar, it doesn’t belong in classy cocktails prepared with top-shelf brands.

Backbar Article
Make More Money With Backbar Management   September 26, 2011
By: Robert Plotkin

In need of a financial shot in the arm? Consider taking a page from the beverage consultant’s playbook and revamp your backbar. Regardless of the size or concept of your operation, the backbar is your principal and most effective marketing device.

Bartender female Article
The Savvy Art of Barmanship   September 26, 2011
By: Robert Plotkin

Most beverage operators insist success in the bar business is predicated on creating human connections and ensuring customers feel welcome, comfortable and well-treated. That unwavering standard of care for clientele is at the heart of building repeat business and sustainable profitability.

Keith Caywood Article
Keith Caywood, Man of Steel (Nerves)   September 26, 2011
By: Robert Plotkin

Keith Caywood is exactly who you’d want manning your bar when it’s three deep, two kegs have blown and the POS system is acting up. The more pressure-packed the situation, the more efficiently the steely nerved Caywood performs.

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