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Robert Plotkin

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Robert Plotkin

A judge at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Robert Plotkin recently authored his 16th book, Secrets Revealed of America’s Greatest Cocktails. See his site at

UPC Article
Can Technology Overhaul Your Bottom Line?   November 22, 2011
By: Robert Plotkin

The age of information has finally arrived behind the bar, and for many on-premise operators it comes just in time. The need for accurate data has never been greater.

Jackson Cannon Article
Jackson Cannon, Award-Winning Bartender   November 22, 2011
By: Robert Plotkin

Jackson Cannon is a bartender Hemingway would admire. He’s passionate about taking care of his guests and making the finest drinks possible night after night. For the former musician, working the stick is more of a lifestyle than a job.

Robert Plotkin Blog
Are you Prepared for the Worst?   November 22, 2011
By: Robert Plotkin

Expect the unexpected. It’s a common enough saying but one that’s especially true in this business.

Answers: Lighter Side of Beer   November 8, 2011
By: Robert Plotkin

Answers to Robert Plotkin's The Lighter Side of Beer article.

Robert Plotkin Blog
Tapping the Lighter Side of Beer   November 8, 2011
By: Robert Plotkin

Beer remains the favorite alcoholic beverage of men and the second most frequent request of women. Yet despite its enormous popularity, there is a lot about beer you might not know.

Scotch Article
Adventures With Scotch   November 8, 2011
By: Robert Plotkin

While dwarfed by the relative size of the bourbon and Canadian whisky markets, Scotch remains one of the identifiable standard bearers of urbane consumerism. Its cache of uncompromised quality, breadth of expression and dynamic range of flavor has made Scotch a global heavyweight.

Bartender Article
Drink Consistency Leads to Steady Profits   November 8, 2011
By: Robert Plotkin

Product consistency is crucial to profitability behind the bar. The drinks you serve should taste the same no matter who’s behind the bar. Otherwise, your staff may be serving a product that is different in taste, cost and presentation, and the result is financial chaos.

Kathy Casey Article
Kathy Casey, America’s Original Bar Chef   November 8, 2011
By: Robert Plotkin

With the resurgence of the cocktail came a wave of trendy specialty Martinis, cloying drinks best characterized as desserts in a glass. We’d possibly still be stuck in that trend were it not for the groundbreaking efforts of Kathy Casey, America’s first bar chef extraordinaire.

Garden fresh Article
Ultra-Fresh Cocktails Living Large   October 25, 2011
By: Robert Plotkin

Chefs, be forewarned. Your mixologists may be raiding the walk-in searching for fresh produce to feature in their cocktails. Creamy sweet drinks are falling out of fashion, losing ground to cocktails with garden-fresh flavors and herbal and spicy profiles.

Dollar Bill Article
Forensic Accounting Exposes Internal Theft   October 25, 2011
By: Robert Plotkin

Few in business want to admit their employees are ripping them off. But they are. The international auditing firm Bevinco has determined that bars and restaurants lose a staggering 23% of their inventory to theft in one form or another.

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