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Marcos Colon

After waiting in line for nearly two hours before finally getting denied access to a Las Vegas nightclub during his final college Spring Break hurrah, Marcos Colon vowed it would never happen again. He quickly put his journalism degree to work by becoming the youngest editor in history, covering one of the top markets in the nation — Miami. Needless to say, he won't step foot in a club now unless he's on the NFU list. Years and countless hangovers later, he's familiar with top nightlife establishments all over the country. While he still has a foot in the nightlife industry as a freelance writer, he's currently a tech journalist and the online editor of SC Magazine, a heralded B2B magazine that focuses on the information security industry. Follow him on Twitter via @turbomarcos.

Nightlife Audience / Nightlife Crowd Article
Do You Know Your Nightlife Audience?   June 24, 2014
By: Marcos Colon

If there's one thing an owner or manager needs to be in tune with when it comes to a nightlife venue, it's the patrons.

Summer Music Article
Summer Music Trends   June 3, 2014
By: Marcos Colon

While cities like Los Angeles and Miami may take summer for granted, others secondary markets anxiously await this time of the year as it welcomes in warmer days, bright skies, but most importantly, killer music.

Damage Control Article
Damage Control: Dealing with the Unexpected   May 5, 2014
By: Marcos Colon

If you're an owner or operator then you're well aware that it's rare for things to fall perfectly in line. Therefore, it's always smart to plan for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Light Nightclub Article
The Resurgence of Performance Nightclubs   April 15, 2014
By: Marcos Colon

Nightclubs come in all shapes and sizes, but stepping into what's considered a "performance" style nightlife venue today is a unique experience.

Marquee Nightclub Article
Successful Start-up Tips for the Nightlife Entrepreneur   March 4, 2014
By: Marcos Colon

There's money to be made, fun to be had, and success to be experienced in nightlife. But starting off on the wrong foot could lead to closing an establishment as soon as it opens.

1OAK Nightclub Article
3 Characteristics That Keep A Steady Winter Crowd   January 21, 2014
By: Marcos Colon

No matter what surprises the weather presents, there are venues that keep a steady crowd during the bleak winter months.

TAO Article
Introducing Nightclub & Bar’s 2012 Las Vegas Nightclub of the Year    March 1, 2012
By: Marcos Colon

Where creative competition rules the land, there is room to explore and push an establishment to its limit. That's exactly what the owners of this year's Nightclub & Bar 2012 Las Vegas Nightclub of the Year, TAO Nightclub, have been doing since 2005.

Cielo Article
Cielo NYC Manages Longevity in the Nightclub World   February 16, 2012
By: Marcos Colon

Too many New York nightlife venues have come and gone in the span of a year. The real commentary lies in those that have stood the test of time. Enter Cielo Nightclub, New York City’s premier electronic dance music venue.

Privleged Article
Club Promoting Done Right   February 2, 2012
By: Marcos Colon

Promoters can be our best friends, but at times, a bit of an annoyance as well. Privileged Marketing Group co-founders Eugene Abreu and Alex Thaler instead take a strict business approach to promoting and pack NYC spaces on a consistent basis.

Marquee Article
Marquee Las Vegas Prepares for 2012   January 19, 2012
By: Marcos Colon

With just one year under its belt, Marquee has made an unprecedented impact in the world of entertainment. With this nightclub, the Strategic Group is tapping into a scene that’s brought nightlife into a new age. So what's lined up for 2012?

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