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Marcos Colón

After waiting in line for nearly two hours before finally getting denied access to a Las Vegas nightclub during his final college Spring Break hurrah, Marcos Colon vowed it would never happen again. He quickly put his journalism degree to work by becoming the youngest editor in history, covering one of the top markets in the nation — Miami. Needless to say, he won't step foot in a club now unless he's on the NFU list. Years and countless hangovers later, he's familiar with top nightlife establishments all over the country. While he still has a foot in the nightlife industry as a freelance writer, he's currently a tech journalist and the online editor of SC Magazine, a heralded B2B magazine that focuses on the information security industry. Follow him on Twitter via @turbomarcos.

Nightclub Cover Charges Article
When to Capitalize at the Door   October 21, 2014
By: Marcos Colón

If you're looking to produce some revenue at the door, it's best to know when to implement a cover because even some of these high-rolling venues have some nights where there's no charge once you get past the velvet rope.

Prime Locations for your Nightclub Article
Myths Surrounding a Venue's Location   October 13, 2014
By: Marcos Colón

One factor that many nightlife entrepreneurs believe makes the biggest difference for patrons, actually doesn't: location. Don't focus all of your pennies and efforts into ensuring your place is located in a supreme area of town.

Fish Tacos from Steve O's Restaurant Article
Sharable Snacks for Cocktail Crowds   September 22, 2014
By: Marcos Colón

Sharable snacks can be a make or break item on your menu. It's all about giving the group something to feast upon while they decide on their next move.

Bottle Service Management at a Nightclub Article
How a Crowd Dictates Bottle Service Standards    September 8, 2014
By: Marcos Colón

Bottle service is a standard that nearly all nightlife venues must include as part of their business plans that serve as a distinctive point of revenue.

Menu Development Dont's Article
4 Food Development Blunders to Avoid   August 12, 2014
By: Marcos Colón

Passion doesn't guarantee that you won't come across hurdles when it's time to roll out a menu. Rather than jumping into a food development plan blindly, there are some 'don'ts' you should avoid in order to make your process seamless and successful.

Door staff and policies Article
Gated Entry: Door Policies in Nightlife Today   August 5, 2014
By: Marcos Colón

Whatever door policy you implement will gauge the clientele and adds to the perception of your establishment. Needless to say, it's a pretty important aspect of the nightlife business.

Who Really Rules Nightlife? Article
Who Really Rules Nightlife?   July 29, 2014
By: Marcos Colón

'The Don,' while once seen as the central figure that orchestrates every aspect of the venue, now works in conjunction with other central players that are vital to the business' success.

Successful high performing bartender Article
5 Tips Every High-Performance Bartender Should Live By   July 29, 2014
By: Marcos Colón

While the path to cocktail stardom is a long and rocky road, there are fundamental areas of the trade you can focus on to make the experience seamless.

Nightlife Audience / Nightlife Crowd Article
Do You Know Your Nightlife Audience?   June 24, 2014
By: Marcos Colón

If there's one thing an owner or manager needs to be in tune with when it comes to a nightlife venue, it's the patrons.

Summer Music Article
Summer Music Trends   June 3, 2014
By: Marcos Colón

While cities like Los Angeles and Miami may take summer for granted, others secondary markets anxiously await this time of the year as it welcomes in warmer days, bright skies, but most importantly, killer music.

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