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Kevin Tam

Liquor Inventory Auditor

Kevin Tam

Kevin Tam's main objective is simple – help bar owners curb irresponsible liquor usage, and keep the playing field fair between owners and staff. He owns a liquor auditing practice that serves owners of bars, night clubs and restaurants. Along with weekly on-site audits, he provides his night club clients third party verification of paybacks. He also provides remote auditing services and consulting internationally for bar owners who reside outside his home town of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.                                                 

He is also a published author, speaker and trainer. His book – Night Club Marketing Systems, was published in Fall 2011. He is a contributing writer for multiple trade publications, including Nightclub & Bar, Bar Business Magazine, and Bar and Beverage Magazine.

Kevin can be reached directly at

Order Liquor Like  Pro Article
4 Ways to Order Liquor Like a Pro   December 22, 2014
By: Kevin Tam

Any schmuck can put together a liquor order, but a smart bar manager knows the fine line of ordering enough so they never run out of anything, but never unnecessarily purchase too much inventory.

Using variance reports to manage and train bartenders. Article
Tips to Manage Staff with Variance Reports   September 16, 2014
By: Kevin Tam

Variance reports are basically an analysis to see how liquor usage compares with sales. Here are three tips to help you use them to manage your staff.

Manager Article
Five Essential Factors for Enforcing Staff Policy    April 30, 2013
By: Kevin Tam

Enforcement of rules, guidelines and policies is an area that many bar owners struggle with. This is especially true if a company is expanding and its rules change as the business grows.

DJ Article
How to Hire a Strong Resident DJ   January 19, 2012
By: Kevin Tam

DJs are the rock stars of modern nightclubs. A DJ is not only the main entertainer of the party, he also plays a crucial role in a club's marketing efforts. But how do you find a good DJ who will help bring patrons to your venue and consistently put on entertaining shows?

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