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Jack Robertiello

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Jack Robertiello

Frequently writing and consulting about spirits, Jack Robertiello also judges at events including the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the International Rum Fest, and Spirits of Mexico.

Alcohol and Cocktail Menu Labeling at Chain Restaurant Article
Alcohol Calorie Counts Required    January 19, 2015
By: Jack Robertiello

New federal rules will force many chain restaurants to list the calorie count of the wine, beer and spirits listed on their menus.

Restaurant and Beverage Sales Pick Up Steam Article
Picking Up Steam    January 19, 2015
By: Jack Robertiello

Chain restaurant growth picked up steam at year's end, bolstered by sinking gas prices and a better labor market. Meanwhile, beverage sales turned around as well.

Bar Manager Do's and Don'ts Article
Do's and Don'ts for the New Year   January 6, 2015
By: Jack Robertiello

January provides a breather for most bar and restaurant operators to take a look at how things are going. Here are some recommendations on approaching your beverage programs.

Dry January Trend Blog
Dry January: A Challenge or Opportunity?   January 5, 2015
By: Jack Robertiello

The UK trend for a "Dry January" is gaining steam, and many Americans are taking the month off from alcohol - what's your response?

Casual Restaurant Survey Trends Article
Economic Indicators Buoy Bar and Restaurant Operators   January 5, 2015
By: Jack Robertiello

The National Restaurant Association's most recent survey indicates end of year sales and traffic stayed strong, and that the general outlook for 2015 is more positive than quite some time.

Spiked Mexican Hot Chocolate Article
3 Hot Ways to Attract Customers Through the Winter Doldrums    December 23, 2014
By: Jack Robertiello

Winter warmers, spruced up and new-fashioned, can make the difference to your business when the mid-winter doldrums set in. Here are three suggestions.

Millennials in a Restaurant Article
Who do Millennials Trust?   December 22, 2014
By: Jack Robertiello

As the media landscape fragments and rearranges, how to reach consumers takes up more and more of an operator's time. Think Twitter works for you? Find the answer in the report.

Wine Consumption and Statistics Article
Mixing Wine Anytime   December 22, 2014
By: Jack Robertiello

Wine giant Gallo released the results of a survey that finds younger consumers like to mix their wine, love moscato and sparkling wine, and have made wine a part of their regular drinking life more than any previous generation.

The Original Small Batch Bourbon - Booker's Blog
25 Years of Booker's Small Batch    December 9, 2014
By: Jack Robertiello

It’s hard to imagine today, but things looked pretty bleak around 25 years ago when Booker Noe selected the first barrels of bourbon from what he considered the sweet spot.

Pay-for-Play Gets Added Scrutiny Article
Pay-for-Play Gets Added Scrutiny   December 8, 2014
By: Jack Robertiello

Massachusetts regulators have launched an investigation into whether beer distributors, brewers, and retailers are violating state law by agreeing to promote certain beers at bars and liquor stores in exchange for payments that freeze out competitors.

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