April First Round: New Products

ÍS Vodka
ÍS Vodka, pronounced “ice,” is a new entry to the high-end vodka category. Imported to the United States by Viking Glacier Spirits (US) Inc., this ultra-premium blend of naturally pure Icelandic water and non-genetically modified wheat is distilled seven times. VGS is positioning the product to appeal to consumers of luxury products who are becoming ever more health-conscious.
For more information, visit www.isvodka.com.

Jose Cuervo Especial Silver
Marketers of Jose Cuervo developed Especial Silver with a single goal in mind: to make the smoothest tequila possible. Bottled immediately following distillation, Jose Cuervo Especial Silver, or Cuervo Silver, features a balanced aroma that combines spicy black pepper and hints of agave for a mix of sweetness and acidity on the palate, complemented by black pepper notes.
For more information, visit www.cuervo.com.

Brooklyn Local 2
Brooklyn Brewery in Brooklyn, N.Y. has rolled out its latest beer, Local 2, an extension of the brewery’s Brooklyn Local 750-mililiter series. This 100 percent bottle-conditioned, Belgian-inspired beer is darker than Brooklyn Local 1 and features fruit, caramel and chocolate flavors accented by wildflower honey. Brooklyn Local 2 combines European malts and hops, Belgian dark sugar and raw wildflower honey from a farm in Upstate New York.
Fore more information, visit www.brooklynbrewery.com.

The Sopranos Wines Enter New States
The Sopranos Wines, the line of fine Italian wines inspired by the landmark HBO series, continues its nationwide rollout and is now available in California, Arizona, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Operating under a licensing agreement between HBO and New York-based Vesuvio Import Co. and distributed by Duggan’s Distillers Products Corp., The Sopranos Wines features a range of selections for every type of wine enthusiast.
For more information, visit www.bevig.com.