2012 Exhibitor Showcase Eblast - Lounge Attire Premium Cocktail Cranberries

Lounge Attire/ Premium Cocktail Cranberries

Booth#: 1400 P


Move Over, Maraschino! We are excited to introduce an entirely new cocktail garnish…The Cocktail Cranberry.  Naturally deep, dark red and sweet, these exquisite berries are an elegant accompaniment to martinis, mixed drinks, champagne and as they are non-alcoholic, even sparkling water. They are hand-sorted, hand-packed, and we believe you will find them exceptional.

A love of food, flavors, and entertaining combined with a love of the timeless and classic, inspired us to create our cranberry garnish. We are thrilled to bring you and your customers something new, elegant, and delicious!

There are over 700 cranberry garnishes per case and they have a shelf life of one year.

A garnish is a finishing touch; a mark of distinction. This product is a beautiful complement to the high level of creativity that is happening in the cocktail industry today.

A more sophisticated garnish for a more sophisticated clientele.

Boutique Brand Pavilion Booth 1400P